cartoon horse rear-endI couldn’t resist sharing these with you. They certainly made me smile! So in the interest of encouraging good communication between horsey people, here is a list of codes developed by the chat board members of the Bay Area Equestrian Network (

OOH – out of hay
LAS – lost a shoe
BBM – bastard just bit me
FOMHL – Fell Off My Horse Laughing
FTC — Forgot the carrots
MIHA — Mare’s in heat, again
IPTI — I’ll pick up tennis instead
LWW — Lesson went well
MSMBO – mud sucked my boot off
HSIH – Horse Snot in Hair
HAO – Hay All Over
HIMB – Hay in My BRA
PIHH – Poop Induced Half Halt
UD – Unplanned Dismount
PTTDG – Prayed to the Dirt God
MMM – Master Manure Mucker
OOM – Out of money
MHTS – More horses than sense.
BAHHFDP – bought another horse husband filed divorce papers
GBBF – got board bill, fainted
GFBF – got farrier bill, fainted
HRHCF – husband realized horse costs, fainted
SLH – Smell like horse
DQFOY – Dressage Queen fell off – yipee
HTNHFH – Hiding the new horse from hubby
WWFNS – Will work for new saddle
AROGC – Arena rained out – going crazy
SSB – saddle sore butt
BTLGR – b###hy trainer left – good riddance
ALIGAR – At least I got a ribbon
NLT – No lesson today

And last but not least….   HGR – Have a great ride!

Got any of your own to add? Pop them in a comment below.

Jan Shaw
Jan Moore is The Success Alchemist and creator of Energetic Horsemanship where she teaches conscious horsemanship based on love, leadership, confidence, and compassion for the benefit of both the horses and their human carers.
Jan Shaw
Jan Shaw
Jan Shaw
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